Make A Lasting Impression

A person’s life is always on display. People are always being watched; whether they are aware of the other people who may be watching them. A person may never let you know that they are watching you from a distance; whether they are watching you for the right or the wrong reason. That is why it pays to be consistent in your walk. Most of all, even if a person never acknowledges that they are watching you; know that you have captured their attention, and they have found an interest to stand behind the scenes, even if they don’t say anything to you about the things you are saying or doing. For some reason, they are drawn to you, and it is something that you are doing or saying that keeps them coming back to check you out. For example; people are reading other people’s posts on Facebook all the time, but may never comment or click the “like button”. It does not matter because in time, things have a way of revealing themselves. A person may eventually come into contact with the person who may share with them something they have posted, or even share with someone else something they have read or seen. The person who has been watched from a distance should be able to discern, as well as recognize who is watching and observing them, and wisdom should cause them to either keep doing what they are doing; especially if it is positive and encouraging, or either make the necessary changes if what they are doing is negative and unacceptable.

Be blessed, be encouraged, and have a great day.


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