No Fighting In The Family

There may be times when you and someone; such as a family member may have a disagreement, and you may be right and the other person may be wrong. Instead of arguing and fighting, and trying to plead your case; sometimes you have to be the bigger person and walk away; even if it puts distance between you and the other person. It does not mean that you love the person any less. All it means is; you are trying to be a peace maker, and not a peace breaker. Sometimes, God allows separation to take place, even in families so that He may get the glory in bringing people back together in a respectful, right, and positive way.

Genesis 13:8-9 says “So Abram said to Lot, “Let’s not argue with each other. The people who take care of your herds and those who take care of mine shouldn’t argue with one another. After all, we’re part of the same family. So let’s separate. Choose any part of the land you want. You go one way, and I’ll go the other.”

Be blessed, be encouraged, and have a great day.


4 thoughts on “No Fighting In The Family

  1. Very timely and appropriate counsel for an upcoming event I have this weekend on sisterhood and bonding. I was just studying and praying for examples to share & then your blog came in my email. God is faithful. Thanks for all you do! Love you


    • Minister Jones, to God be the glory. We are all helpers, one to another. Thank you and may God continue to lead, guide, and direct you through everything that He puts in your heart to do. Be encouraged.


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