God Can Make People Behave

There will be times when a person or people may want to do harm to you; whether it be in words or deeds, and they will not be able to say or do anything to you, at all. God has a way of dealing with people on your behalf to make them treat you right and leave you alone, and if the person or people do not obey God; then He will deal with them, and allow you to stand back and watch, or either allow you to hear about it. You can trust God to protect you at all times, even from people.

Genesis 31:24, 29 says “That night God came to Laban in a dream and said, “Be careful! Be careful of every word you say to Jacob.” Laban told Jacob, “I have the power to really hurt you. But last night the God of your father came to me in a dream. He warned me not to hurt you in any way.”

Be blessed, be encouraged, and have a great day.


4 thoughts on “God Can Make People Behave

  1. A right on time word! I have been praying to God about a group of persons who seem hell bent on destroying me and my purpose. The are people who are in positions that they believe shield them from facing charges for their actions or prosecution. Through this wisdom, I have shifted my prayer to asking God to visit them in the night and warn them to be careful of what they to me; or about me!
    Mmmmmm good word sis!


  2. This is a RIGHT ON TIME MESSAGE TAILORED FOR ME as I feel that in many ways I have been bullied by people all of my life in one form or another. I have actually had the opportunity to watch people that did me intentional harm fall like dominoes. I have learned not to laugh when I see payback as I feel that it could or may be spiritually unhealthy. This message you sent seems to go to scripture VENGEANCE IS MINE SAYETH THE LORD.


    • Samille, to God be the glory! For God is an on time God. I love the part, as well as agree with you that it is not wise to laugh at people when they fall; not even our enemies. That is truly unhealthy because God could easily flip the script, and it could be us, and the enemy watching us instead.


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