Who Is For You

There are some people who will not like you because of the gifts and talents that you possess. Sometimes, those same people will watch you from a distance, and will be plotting and planning on ways to destroy you; thinking that if they destroy you, they can destroy what is on the inside of you. While they are plotting to destroy you, they are hoping others will not know or find out that they are attached to the scheme of the destruction. You may not always know immediately who is for you or who is against you, but in time a person will let you know how they really feel about you.

Genesis 37:18, 20 says “Joseph’s brothers saw him coming from far away. Before he reached them, they made a plan to kill him. Let’s kill him and throw his body into one of the wells. We can tell our father that a wild animal killed him. Then we will see what will become of his dreams.”

Be blessed, be encouraged, and have a great day.


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