Trust God In Every And All Things

It pays to be very sensitive to the Spirit and voice of God, even when we may not completely understand what God is doing or saying. There is wisdom in everything that God does, and He never makes a mistake. Even when God starts shifting things and people in and out of our lives, or even moving things around that were once one way; to bring a situation into a new way or a new order, wisdom is even at work and that is why we must accept what God allows; not always trying to see the negative in other people or situations because God always know what is best in every situation, and nothing about God is negative. Everything about God is positive, even in the way that He equates things by adding or subtracting. Sometimes, God will move people and things for a season, and He may or may not allow some things and people to return. When we take the time to see God in the equation of a shift, God will always reveal why the shift had to take place. He never leaves anyone unprepared so that no one will be caught off guard or caught by surprise. He will give revelation to everyone involved in a shift, but each person must be open, receptive, and sensitive to what God is saying to them individually in order to know what He is tying to do in their personally life, and not so much in what He is doing in the next person’s life. God always has a way of maturing people, growing them up, and causing them to become wiser, and that is why no one at anytime should ever underestimate who or what God will use, The thing or person may not necessarily be your choice, but God chooses and uses who and what He wants in everything and all things just to make it known that He is the Only One in control of everything, everyone, and in every situation every time. Once, we as people come to learn that nothing in life is about us; it is always about God getting the glory, and being glorified in situations, circumstances, and people; then things will flow as they should. All God wants us to do is see and hear Him in the whole BIG picture, because this is where the revelation will come into place of seeing and knowing how God is trying to grow us and mature us. Once we truly allow God to do whatever He wants or desires in our lives; it is only then that we start walking in a greater level of humility and wisdom, and even having a greater respect and appreciation for things and people. This will also keep us focused, and not become so easily distracted or sidetracked.

Be blessed, be encouraged, and have a great day.


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