Dismiss The Distractions

I found out that keeping a good praise on the inside can really keep you focused from the different distractions that try to present themselves; those that try to get you off track or off course from your purpose, those that want to slow you down, those that want to upset you, and those that want to even stop or block you from moving forward. Praise and worship; along with reading of the Word often in your own private time can truly help you to stay focused by seeing, hearing, and discerning the things that you need to see, hear, and discern.

My daily prayer is that God will move ALL distractions and distractors, as far away from me as possible. They are not welcome in my life at all, because l have no need for any of them. I do not care who or what God has to move out of my life that comes to distract.

Some things and people are sent on an assignment to distract you; that is why discernment is necessary, along with having wisdom to know how to strategically dismiss the things or people that come to distract.

What you must learn and come into the knowledge of; some people are going no where, and they do not want you to go anywhere either. Some people do not want you getting ahead because they cannot do the things God has blessed or assigned you to do, so they want to stop you altogether; not understanding that God entrusts each person with the different gifts, talents, and assignments that He has purposed for each individual. Everyone is unique in their own way, because we were all wonderfully and fearfully made. It is all about purpose, and not about a person.

Be blessed, be encouraged, and have a great day.


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