How Badly Do You Want It

These are notes from today’s message at church that l would like to share. From week to week, l will be sharing notes from the Sunday Morning messages and Wednesday Night Bible Study teachings. I pray that these notes will bless you as much as they bless me.

Scripture Reference (2 Kings 7:1-8)

1) Whatever you are bound by is not going to let you go until you command a release.
2) God is never caught off guard by our situations or circumstances.
3) Be careful about people that want you to make all of the sacrifices, and they do nothing.
4) Sometimes, you have to place a demand upon yourself for a change to come.
5) You must make a decision that will move you beyond the norm in order to come out of bondage.
6) An ass’ head represents a “stubborn mentality.”
7) Change will always be announced by authority in your life. 8) Most people represent the king, but don’t have kingdom faith and don’t use kingdom principles.
9) You must make up in your mind to get rid of doubters, because everyone does not believe in you.
10) Your destiny is waiting on your next decision.
11) When you move in the timing of God; your enemy will think you are joining forces with your other enemies.
12) Liberty is the absence of bondage.
13) The only thing that breaks the chain of bondage is a demand that requires a release.
14) It is not good enough for God to free a nation, and leave a person bound.
15) People will normally judge where you are because they don’t know the background of your story.
16) If you are in a relationship, and you are the only one giving; the relationship is not of God.
17) A person’s deliverance is no one else’s responsibility, but the person themself.
18) So many people sit in the midst of liberty, and are still bound. 19) We are a finished work; our healing, our gifts, and our breakthrough is finished. The thing that God has purposed to do in our lives is finished.
20) So many people don’t enjoy the favor and blessing of God because they will not go get it.
21) When God delivers a person; there is no need for the person to be bound.

Be blessed, be encouraged, and have a great day.


2 thoughts on “How Badly Do You Want It

    • Maria, yes these are some great things to think about. l love taking notes whenever l hear a message or whenever l am in a class, and then l always try to share my notes with others hoping that others will be blessed and encouraged as much as l am. Oftentimes, l will go back and read, and study the notes and Scriptures over again. I just love the way that God seems to give me a different revelation each time, at that particular moment.


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