A Remedy For Spiritual Dehydration

These are notes from the message on yesterday

Scripture Reference (Psalm 42:1-3 & John 4:3-15)

1) Water represents “the Word.”
2) Every time things get hot in your life; God will bring you through it.
3) There will be times on your journey when you will have to sit down, but in your sitting; you still can not get off course.
4) God will always show up in the most unlikely place, and at the most unlikely time.
5) Some of the symptoms of dehydration are:
a) fatigue (unexplained tiredness      and dragging)
b) increased heart rate
c) confusion (unsure)
d) overheating (everything runs you hot)
e) muscle cramps (these cause you to have spiritual issues; migraine headaches)
f) constipation (holding on to mess too long; this includes messy people)
g) loss of skin elasticity (inability to bounce back)
h) skin, hair, and nails become dry and brittle, and easily broken (at the first sign of an argument or a fight, you are ready to run out)
I) inability to produce tears (when you stop praying for others)

Be blessed, be encouraged, and have a great day.


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