Who Let The Devil In

These are notes from the message on today.

Scripture Reference (John 10:1-10)

1) Whenever a false preacher or teacher can come into a church and lead the people astray from the truth; the church has lost its discernment.
2) Prayer gives you discernment.
3) A person cannot want the hand of God without wanting the heart of God.
4) We must have enough discernment to be able to hear what is of God, and what is not.
5) It is the responsibility of the church to pray.
6) Wherever we go, others should know that we are different from the world, even though we are in the world.
7) We should not fear what people can do to us, but what God will do to us.
8) When people live wrong, and any kind of way; they are letting the devil in.
9) It is time for people to take authority over the enemy.
10) If the devil knows a person has power, he will move on to a weak person.
11) Whenever God gives a person a message; the message is for them first before it is for anyone else.
12) When God speaks to a person, and they don’t listen or don’t hear Him, He will keep speaking to the person until the person hears Him.
13) Whenever God gives you a word, you are supposed to act on it by using your faith.
14) When there is something in you; you can be used because you need to use what you have.
15) Oil costs more, because it is designed to do more.
16) People are vessels, and one vessel should allow themself to be used to pour into other vessels.
17) When people upset us or make us angry; it is not the person, but the spirit inside of the person.
18) No matter what is going on in our lives; we must trust God.


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