Where Will You Be Next Year

Notes from The 2015 Visitation

Speaker: Dr. Jackie McCollough
Title: “Where Will You Be Next Year”
Scripture Reference: (Psalms 16:1-11 with the focus being on verse #8)

1) As much as there is a great falling away, there is still a great gathering called the remnant.
2) Is it possible to leave church, and live it?
3) The world studies the church, and redefines it.
4) When you spend time with God, He gives you a certain belief system.
5) Behind every Psalm, it will lead you to a story. The story will cause you to start crying instead of cussing, because of the expression that is released in the poetry.
6) Some people are nothing but kissers and bowers, who will kiss anyone and will bow down to anything and anyone, and are trying to kiss and bow down to heaven.
7) Everything that God has, we should want it to rub off on us.
8) You can never get too busy to spend time with God, even if you have to move others out of the way to keep them from invading your space.
9) Whenever you are rooted and grounded, you will always come back to truth without being swayed away by false doctrine.
10) Keep God in everything!
11) We are living in an age of attention-deficit disorder in the church where people cannot be still due to not wanting to hear the truth.
12) There is no astrological sign for your spiritual birthday; the sign is called “Holy Ghost.”
13) Whenever someone calls you a sinner, you have the nerve to get upset not even realizing that Jesus came for our sins, and died for our sins because we were all born in a world of sin. You must know that, even though you may not be a sinner now, you once were.
14) Unholy alliances will cause you to switch places, and lose your identity.
15) God will always put something in you that He wants by investing in you.
16) Don’t get upset and mad when God removes certain people out of your life; He could be protecting you and snatching you from a scandal.
17) What happened to the old saints who got saved at the age of 16, and stayed saved until the age of 90? What has happened to the church today?
18) A person who is considered as a remnant cannot be bought or seduced.
19) When you lose; you gain. Be steadfast and unmovable. Stop slipping and sliding in God.
20) Don’t be defined by the world; God has defined you.
21) Get off of the telephone with trash! Trash destroys, stains, and tarnishes you.
22) Learn to be comfortable with God, and love Him.
23) You should get the Word so deep in your belly until you give birth.

Be blessed, be encouraged, and have a great day.


2 thoughts on “Where Will You Be Next Year

  1. Ms. Carla thank you for reminding me of Pastor McCullough’s Ministry. Her messages have challenged and blessed me for many years (ever since her days as an evangelist; back when you could still purchase the messages on cassette tape). I went on YouTube and listened to a couple of the older ones yesterday.


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