This Kind

Notes from yesterday’s message

Speaker: Apostle Sherman C. Gee Allen
Title: “This Kind”
Scripture Reference: (Matthew 17:14-21)

1) No matter what dilemma you may face, God will always give you a strategy.
2) The instructions that Jesus gives are very simple.
3) You have to know “what kind” you are dealing with.
4) There are seasons and times in your life when God will give you revelation on the mountaintop.
5) To get a mountaintop revelation, sometimes you must be willing to separate yourself. (This includes separating from people, getting off of Facebook, cutting off the television, and getting off the telephone, etc.)
6) Sometimes, you have to embrace separation.
7) You must have separation, elevation, and duration in your life.
8) “Duration” means you need to get somewhere, and get planted.
9) Hang in there!
10) Everything cannot be wrong with everyone else, and nothing is never wrong with you.
11) If you want elevation, you must put in the work; it requires sacrifice.
12) Sometimes, God will allow you to be unfulfilled so that others can be fulfilled.
13) Don’t let people make you lose your place.
14) Everything must be in check, in order for God to use you.
15) Just because you made a mistake doesn’t mean you belong to Satan.
16) You are better than your last worst act if you will repent, and put it under the Blood.
17) Most people want destiny, but don’t want to be crucified.
18) You cannot talk to a person about deliverance when you haven’t been delivered yourself.
19) If you are assigned to be a mentor, you can only mentor in the area of your success.
20) The enemy will put people in your life to steer you, and get you off track.
21) God’s going to use you, but it will not be until you get your issues under control.
22) Some people change on the basis of their circumstances.
23) Sometimes, God will allow things to spiral out of control in our lives so that we can learn to get our emotions under control.
24) When raising up a prophetic house, the power cannot just be in the pulpit, it also must be in the pews.
25) Don’t let your emotions get the best of you!
26) God is about to bring you into an hour of supernatural deliverance.
27) There is a difference between doubt and walking in faith.
28) Doubt is active resistance.
29) Faith is trust in that which cannot be proven or seen.
30) “This kind” refers to this kind of unbelief.
31) Fear can cause unbelief.
32) Unbelief can be caused by past failures, traditions, competition, and comparison.
33) Whatever God made you to be; just be that!
34) Quit comparing yourself to others; just be yourself!
35) You must know where you are, and who you are.
36) There are some devils just waiting on you to get in place.
37) You are most vulnerable in your mountaintop experiences.
38) You are must useful in your valley experiences.


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