Heaven Has One Voice

Notes from The 2015 Visitation

Speaker: Dr. Renny McLean
Title: “Heaven Has One Voice”
Scripture Reference: (John 1:32)

1) When you box God into a particular way, it is possible you will miss God.
2) God speaks in many different ways.
3) An assignment is meant to provoke you to make you think.
4) Jesus can be right where you are, and never open His mouth because the voice comes from heaven.
5) One of the ways the enemy speaks to people is through thoughts.
6) God speaks through numbers.
7) God speaks in a variety of different ways.
8) God speaks in signs, and signs point to the meaning of what’s to come.
9) There are laws being passed that are accumulating judgment.
10) When you get distracted, the enemy is trying to keep you from qualifying for a jubilee; that is why you must rest.
11) When Noah built the Ark, it was an assignment; even the animals knew it was an assignment. That is why the animals ran in for cover because everything outside of the Ark was running wild.
12) There is power in the first voice, and perversion in the second voice.
13) A new season always begins with instructions.
14) The first voice is when God will tell us what to do.
15) Everything in the earth is in time, and everything in heaven is eternity.
16) Most people get miracles, and can’t keep them. The way to keeping the miracle is lingering in God’s presence.
17) Sometimes when you know the “why” of a thing, you will question it.
18) The power of God’s voice will never confuse you.

Be blessed, be encouraged, and have a great day.


4 thoughts on “Heaven Has One Voice

    • Thank you Shreya. I humbly appreciate your kind words and encouragement, and l will be sure to stop by, and visit your blog. To God be the glory that you are blessed by the blog that He has entrusted me with.


    • Samille, you and l are both alike. If it is not truth, then l try to stay away from it, and ask God to expose it altogether. Time is too short for lies and fakiness. Also, when you get a chance, go on my Facebook page, and watch the video from Prophet Brian Carn. Be sure to watch all 3 of them. They were so long, l had to edit them, and post them 3 different ways. God gave him a word for the nation for what is about to come. I attended this conference in Mississippi this past weekend.


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