I Believe; l Receive

A message preached by one of my dear friends; Evangelist Ella Coaster.

1) Everything that God allows you to go through is not a test; sometimes, God just wants to test your faith.
2) There is something about a name.
3) God works when you are in a dead situation; when your back is up against the wall.
4) You must be born again if you want the promises of God.
5) As long as you look down, you are seeing your circumstances.
6) When God tells you something, you don’t need no one to help Him out.
7) God will cause your dead situations to come alive through someone else.
8) Quit running from the fire, and be a fire walker.
9) A lot of times we pray, and don’t believe. If you are going to pray, and not believe, stay in the situation.
10) All prayer partners don’t agree with you. That is why you cannot use prayer partners all the time.
11) If you are going to agree with anyone; agree with the Father.

Be blessed, be encouraged, and have a great day.


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