The Destruction Of Delilah

Notes from The 2015 Visitation

Speaker: Dr. Jamal Bryant
Title: “The Destruction Of Delilah”
Scripture Reference: (Luke 21)

1) Very few people who are anointed have no balance because they fall in love with their assignment.
2) When you are legitimately and authentically anointed, you have a problem going to sleep because the enemy does not want you to see your dreams.
3) Death and life cannot be entertwined because of corruption.
4) Hair cannot be pulled in the same direction without their being a strain or tension.
5) It is time for the undercover prophets to be released who have no title.
6) You were at the bottom of the pit, and the trampoline caused you to bounce back up.
7) People cannot stand you when they don’t really know who you are.
8) If everyone likes you; you are not truly anointed.
9) It is time to enter into a season of rest; no stress!

Be blessed, be encouraged, and have a great day.


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