The Sound Of Worship

Notes from The 2015 Visitation

Speaker: Phil Driscoll
Title: “The Sound Of Worship”

1) Polite praise is an illegal praise.
2) A person is not supposed to play the trumpet, but be the trumpet.
3) God does see, or know defeat.
4) You cannot sound big in praise and lose, and sound little in praise, and win.
5) We must be addicted to the sounds of heaven.
6) Opposite sounds cancel.
7) A shout is not a normal tone.
8) We are supposed to shout with triumphant, victorious, and prophetic sounds.
9) Praise is a force that God established.
10) Worship is more than the bowing of a knee.
11) God operates in the law of fair exchange. It is more than money; it is about worship.
12) Worship is the currency of heaven.
13) The glory of God is not coming; it’s here!

Be blessed, be encouraged, and have a great day.


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