The Joy In Serving

Notes from tonight’s Bible Study

Teacher: Apostle Sherman C. Gee Allen
Lesson: “The Joy In Serving”
Scripture Reference: (Philippians 1:1-30)

This is a letter that Paul wrote during his season while he was in prison. He wrote while serving with joy. It is the overall theme of the letter. Paul writes about the sacrificial service of those who are called, the ability of God completing everything in our lives, the sacred fellowship of the believer, and he writes about whatever we do in our lives; we should do it with joy.

1) Most of us in church have lost our joy. It’s not that we don’t love God, it’s just that every now and then, we lose focus on our service, and our service to the Lord.
2) No matter what we give up, we can never give up more than God has given. 
3) We lose sight of the fact that God has called us to serve Him by serving one another.
4) We lose sight of the fact that long before God gave us titles, He called us to serve. Before we are anything with a title, we are servants.
5) If you get an attitude because someone does not call you by your title, it is because your motive is wrong.
6) We are called to serve.
7) Before we were born to do anything, we were born to serve.
8) If we are going to see others the way God does, we have to see through God’s anointing.
9) When you see the anointing on someone’s life, you are not quick to judge them.
10) To be a slave means “your will doesn’t matter.”
11) When you understand that you are a servant of the Lord, you don’t get an attitude when people don’t treat you right, when they mishandle you, and when they don’t speak to you. The only reason you get an attitude is, if you are in your flesh.
12) God positions us in Christ Jesus, and then plants us in a place.
13) Stay in place!
14) Everyone has a place; your first calling is a servant, your second calling is a saint, and whatever title you have comes last.
15) You cannot have peace without grace.
16) As a servant and a saint, it is not about a popularity contest.
17) Every child of God has been allowed to live in what is called the Grace Period.
18) How many times have grace saved you? Thank God for grace.
19) Shalom means “peace be multiplied unto you”. It is the absence of trouble.
20) Eirina means “peace in trouble; the peace of God that passes all understanding that keeps our heart and minds through Christ Jesus”. It means we have peace, no matter what we are going through.
21) Many people have no peace because they are not confident and assured of who they are.
22) God is able to keep you.
23) The enemy keeps a record of your mistakes, and every now and then, he tries to pull it out to remind you.
24) It is a joy to pray for others.
25) Whatever God has started in your life, He will not quit until He has finished.
26) God’s timetable is not your timetable.
27) God never gets in a hurry, because He has time.

Be blessed, be encouraged, and have a great day.


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