A Praise That Will Produce The Glory

Notes from Sunday’s afternoon message (August 23, 2015)

Speaker: Co-Pastor Otonya Eskridge Allen
Title: “A Praise That Will Produce The Glory”
Scripture Reference (2 Chronicles 20)

1) Before you let people speak into your life, you better know who their spiritual father and mother are. You better know who’s laying hands on them, and you better know who confirmed their anointing.
2) People are getting caught up in information they are receiving from others, because they believe the information is accurate. You better know where people are getting their information from because the information could be accurate, but it could also be demonic.
3) No wild voices in this season!
4) If a person is a prophet, and has no local church, you better be careful of what you allow the person to speak into your life.
5) It is not enough to receive information without also receiving instructions.
6) If you want to know where the enemy is attacking; all you need to know is the vision that came from God.
7) The enemy attacks you in the place of your anointing, and the place of your destiny.
8) When you discern that God is the one judging your situation, the only posture you can give is a posture of praise and worship.
9) God has the last word!
10) Your correct posture should be praise and worship.
11) If you are a real praiser, there is no way your praise can be quiet.
12) Even when a tree praises, you can hear the leaves in the wind.
13) Where the enemy is trying to make you bow down; praise has the ability to stand you up.
14) In this season, you must get up and you must get up early, because if you are not lazy, God is going to give you a jump start on the enemy.
15) My praise is about to leave the enemy in the dust!
16) God is about to confirm His word; it doesn’t matter how long ago He spoke it, nor how much opposition comes against the word.
17) Before the battle; you need to put praise in front of it.
18) In the heat of your battle, get up and start shouting.

Be blessed, be encouraged, and have a great day.


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