Complete Trust And Obedience

I would like to encourage someone on this day by saying that God will ALWAYS confirm His word and He will ALWAYS prove Himself; the key is total complete trust in, and obedience to God. With that being said; on yesterday my Pastor preached a message entitled “Trusting God”, and he referenced the Scripture from Proverbs 3:5-6. Recently, God laid upon my heart to do something, and immediately l knew l had to do what God dropped in my spirit to do. I didn’t doubt nor question, but knew l had to completely trust and obey God. Because l trusted and obeyed God, l was blessed in the process with a desire of my heart, and only God gets the glory for what He did and always does in my life. See, there have been times when God spoke to “the old Carla” to do something, and l would have questioned, doubted, tried to figure out how it would get done, and even at times feared instead of using my faith, but the more l grew and matured in my walk with God, l became wiser knowing that l could COMPLETELY trust God in everything, and for all things. Even on this morning, l was still reflecting back on the message from yesterday because of the truth and the perfect timing of the message. As God brought back to my remembrance this morning of something He spoke to me last year, which was “Carla, you only see the beginning of a thing. l am God and l see the beginning, middle, and end of everything.” l became happy, and got excited due to the joy and peace l was feeling at that moment. Now, whenever God speaks to me and gives me instructions to do something, and doubt tries to creep in, l no longer question or find myself trying to figure things out, nor do l become fearful because l am reminded of what God spoke to me on last year. l thank God for the word on yesterday, because it was a reminder of what God wants and expects, and that is simply “trust and obedience.” Also, l am reminded of something else that God spoke to me a few years ago, which was “When He gives me instructions to do something; others may not understand, and they are not supposed to, because the instructions were for me, and not for others.”

Be blessed, be encouraged, and have a great day.


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