Trusting God

Notes from yesterday’s message

Speaker: Apostle Sherman C. Gee Allen
Title: “Trusting God”
Scripture Reference: (Proverbs 3:5-6)

1) Most people have trust issues.
2) Real trust and faith in God cannot be half-hearted.
3) We give people a part of our heart, and hold back the other part because we do not want to be hurt.
4) We must put the issues of our heart in God’s hand.
5) We must trust God, even when we cannot trace Him.
6) No one lives without concerns.
7) How does our disappointment affect our trust?
8) We need God’s mercy that will endure forever.
9) God proves our faith at the level in which we are.
10) Once God proves your faith at the level where you are, then He takes you to the next level.
11) We start out having faith for our salvation, then for our family, health and finances, then we have faith not to backslide. 
12) When we stop having faith, we begin to die.
13) The enemy tries to make us contradict our faith.
14) While you are believing God, things will happen that you do not understand.
15) While you are obeying God, things will happen that you do not understand.
16) God constrains us in our circumstances.
17) Sometimes the things that God says to us does not make sense.
18) Sometimes God will honor faith over obedience.
19) There are times when faith and obedience will clash.
20) We do not understand faith, but we understand fear.
21) As long as you keep seeking God, He will not let you sink.
22) Trusting God for direction only comes after acknowledging His Lordship over every area of our lives.
23) The area where we are most afraid and most vulnerable is where the enemy attacks us.
24) Everyone has at least one area in which they have not released over to God.
25) God always reserves the right to take us into another direction.
26) God is always in control!
27) The most difficult time to trust God is when we do not see Him at work.
28) Why panic when you can praise?
29) Just because we are spiritual does not mean the storm will stop.
30) Everyone at one time or another have had problems trusting God.
31) In order to trust God, you must dive in.
32) God will never disappoint your trust.
33) Faith that has not been proven cannot be trusted.
34) Trusting God means putting the issues of your heart in His hands.
35) If it concerns you, God is working on it.
36) Letting go means relinquishing control.
37) We need God’s mercy to outlast our misery.
38) God is our “spotter”. He watches over us.
39) God’s righteousness is revealed every time we pass a test.
40) The primary requirement when taking a test is to be quiet.
41) You cannot believe God, and speak contrary to His word.
42) As long as we understand things, it is not God.
43) In the midst of a storm, fear will always overtake faith.
44) You cannot trust God for direction if you do not allow Him to lead you.
45) We can only follow God’s direction when we acknowledge His right to rule.
46) Just because it is the end of a path does not mean it is the end of the journey.
47) When the Hand of God is upon you; you must be careful what you touch.

Be blessed, be encouraged, and have a great day.


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