God’s Prophecy: The Telling and Foretelling of God’s Story

Here are notes from last week’s class, “The Book of Revelation.”

Outline: Revelation
1) Overview of Prophecy
2) Prophecy of Jesus

Principle #1: Biblical prophecy reveals the trustworthiness of God.

Principle #2: Biblical prophecy produces a life-changing faith in our never-changing God.

1) Prophecy points to God.
2) God reveals His character through prophecy.
3) Revelation is a book of prophecy.
4) Revelation is a book of consummation that God has been telling from the very beginning.
5) God does not “just know” history; He makes history.
6) “Forthtelling” means to speak into the present.
7) “Foretelling” means to speak into the future.
8) The purpose of prophecy is so that God may reveal Himself.
9) Prophecy should stir up in us, and cause us to be bold witnesses.
10) Jesus must be at the center of prophecy; if He is not, that is a sure positive way to test if a prophet or prophecy is false.
11) Revelation can be trusted because God can be trusted.
12) The Bible is a prophetic book.
13) All of us want to know so that we can be in control.
14) “To prophesy” means to communicate God’s truth with God’s power.
15) The words of true prophets not only foretell, comfort and guide; they point to Jesus Christ.
16) Jesus was conceived miraculously by God’s Spirit, but born into the world like any child. The Lord of Glory became fully human, identifying with His people in every way except for sin.
17) Jesus was the greatest of the prophets.
18) Jesus is coming back, no matter how cosmic the events and signs; His people must look for Him, and not give way to fear.
19) Prophecy is authoritative truth from God.
20) Fulfilled prophecy confirms that the Bible is God’s Word, and is absolutely trustworthy.
21) Fulfilled prophecy confirms that sin had consequences, and will be judged by God.

Be blessed, be encouraged, and have a great day.


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