You Are Going To Make Up For Lost Time

We are celebrating our 32nd Pastoral Anniversary this week at church, and l will be sharing notes from the speakers. I pray that you will be encouraged and blessed.

Speaker: Dr. Johansen Pack
Title: “You Are Going To Make Up For Lost Time”
Scripture Reference: (Jonah 3:1-3)

1) There are some people going after things right now that they should have went after years ago but due to toxic relationships, due to fear, insecurity, and even false humility; some of them let their window of opportunity pass them by, and the enemy lied and told them that it is never coming back again.
2) You can be anointed, and still have insecurities.
3) Part of the delay is our fault.
4) For most people this season, what we have called warfare has really been a “breaking of our pride.” This season has made you ask for help like you have never asked before. It has made you be open like you have never been open before. Most of the things you are going through, you don’t share with anyone. This season has made you open up your mouth, and be transparent, and try to trust again. This is about God contending with your pride. God resists the proud.
5) You can have money, and not have peace. You can have a big house, and it still not be a home. You can have people around you, and still feel like you are by yourself.
6) You can bless someone poor, but you cannot bless a fool.
7) Where there is no resistance; there will be no release.
8) Just because you are not the garbage can, and you are the garbage man, you are still messy.
9) The “hell” you are in is preparing you to push you to make up for lost time.
10) When God is trying to increase you fast, He does not send friends; but enemies.
11) Most people don’t get a miracle because they shout over bold print, and fail to read the small print based on a blue print.
12) You are getting ready to make up for lost time. If that does not move you, then you don’t realize how much time you have missed.
13) We do a lot of bucking and shouting, and then when we leave the sanctuary, we are more corrupt than the sinners.
14) Some people keep making excuses for the toxic storms in their lives.
15) Prior to some people getting in your life, everything was good. Soon as you started helping them everything went crazy, because God will delay your release because He knows you are connected to a toxic person, and because your heart is tied to them, He knows you are fighting their destruction. God will keep your release on hold to make sure that you don’t bless a fool that He is trying to teach a lesson to.
16) Some people play with your spirituality, and think because you are a Christian, you have to be dumb.
17) Some people think because you are spiritual, you have to say “yes” to everything.
18) You cannot afford to allow people to use God against you.
19) Because some people will not say yes to God, their whole family is in a drought.
20) Because you fear the opinion of other people, you keep talking yourself out of a moment.
21) Some of you are waiting on a season that God is waiting on you to create.

Be blessed, be encouraged, and have a great day.


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