I Heard Him Call My Name

Speaker: Bishop Robert Nichols Jr.
Title: “I Heard Him Call My Name”
Scripture Reference: (John 11:41-44)

1) Do you believe that the good is working for your good? Do you believe that the bad is working for your good?
2) We will never appreciate the good unless we deal with the bad. We will never appreciate abundance unless we have dealt with lack.
3) The enemy wants you to put in all of the work, and wants you to quit right before payday.
4) There is a difference between being called, and being chosen.
5) When it gets hot enough; that is when God steps into our situation.
6) There is a reason you are still in the situation you are in. You thought you would be out of it by now. Every time, you thought you were about to come out of it, God puts you right back in.
7) When God calls you, it will sound like the voice of your father.
8) People cannot see Jesus for seeing others.
9) If you are going to see Jesus, you must position yourself.
10) Just because a person desires to be your friend doesn’t mean that person needs to be your friend. The people who God picks are the people who need to be in your inner circle. Some people you don’t need in your circle because they are not beneficial. Some people just want to be close.
11) God is going to do what He said.
12) God is going to turn this thing around.
13) God is going to wake up your dead situations.
14) Get chatter out of your ears, so that you can hear God when He calls your name.
15) There are going to be some situations we are going to encounter, but in the midst of them; we must be committed to the Word of God.
16) There will be times when you are going through, and people will be planning your funeral, but that does not mean that you have to die. They will say that it is over, but it is not over until God says it is over!
17) Everyone has dealt with someone who has tried to stop or block them from walking in their potential.
18) God does not interview your haters when He decides to bless you.
19) Just because one person is in a happy place and another person is in a bad place doesn’t mean that they will not end up meeting up with the same Jesus.
20) Even though you may not be the one who got Jesus here, you can still leave with a miracle.
21) What do you do when you speak to the mountain, and the mountain won’t move?

Be blessed, be encouraged, and have a great day.


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