Pillow Talk

Notes from this mornings’s message

Speaker: Apostle Sherman C. Gee Allen
Scripture Reference: (Esther 5:6-8)

1) If you are going through turbulence; it is because you are climbing.
2) God is getting ready to downgrade your storm.
3) There are a lot of decisions that people make influencing others by whispering in their ears.
4) God is get ready to respond to your pillow talk by the conversations you have with Him in your quiet time.
5) The name of God never appears in Esther once, but His Hand is in the whole story the whole time.
6) Religious people have their way of wanting God to do things.
7) God is about to put people in your life that are going to bless you that will not know God, but they will know you.
8) God is about to bless your connections, and use your relationships.
9) God is getting ready to show you off.
10) Whatever you do in public is a reflection of the secret thoughts, motives, and desires of your heart.
11) Position cannot keep you where submission does not qualify you to stay.
12) Your replacement is waiting for a moment of disobedience.
13) Most people think that they have a sense of entitlement.
14) Anointing is not enough. You must have the right spirit.
15) God is about to interview you for a position.
16) God is preparing you for your spiritual debut.
17) God is about to make up for every area of past rejection, pain, hurt, and humiliation.
18) Your season of serving is about to release a fragrance of anointing that is going to bring you before great men and women.
19) Pride stinks! Arrogance stinks! Whenever you walk in pride and arrogance; it stinks!
20) Whenever a person’s attitude is humble; it produces a sweet smell.

Be blessed, be encouraged, and have a great day.


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