God’s Righteous Resolution – the Day of the Lord

Here are notes from today’s class “The Book of Revelation.” This class has truly been a blessing to me.

1) The Day of the Lord
2) The Call to Repent (Joel)
3) The Call to be Ready (2 Peter 3)

Principle #1: God’s judgment is certain, horrible, and inescapable.

Principle #2: Repentance is the right response to God’s righteous judgment.

Principle #3: Holy Godly living is the only reasonable response to God’s certain judgment.

1) History is not spiraling out of control; it’s going according to God’s calendar.
2) When we come to a spiritual reality check, the thing to always know is God is in control.
3) God gives us daily reminders of who He is.
4) God is in control but we would rather be, and therefore what we want causes things to get out of control.
5) When we are holy and set apart, it is not just about us, it’s also about the people we are called to.
6) God will use anyone and anything He wants to wake us up.
7) We must see our sins for how serious they are.
8) We must get to the root of our sins so we will not keep repeating the same thing.
9) “Grace” is a warning.
10) We must allow God to rip open our hearts, and do the work that needs to be done.
11) Christ was uncovered so that our sins could be covered.
12) God does not want people to perish; He wants them to repent.
13) God requires authentic and frequent confession of sin and repentance.
14) Wise people live in light of the reality that God will judge.
15) God loves His people as a husband loves his wife and a father loves his children, with vigilance and tender care.
16) Like a father who opens his arms to a returning child, God welcomes those who turn to Him for forgiveness.
17) God may discipline His people severely, but He is able to restore to abundance.
18) The Holy Spirit is eternal God, the third person of the Trinity. There has never been a time He has not been active.
19) When God sits to judge the nations, there will be no escape.
20) God created time, and is not limited by it. Time for the earth is limited, and God governs the schedule.
21) God is gracious; yet God will judge.

Be blessed, be encouraged, and have a great day.


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