Don’t Get Weary

Speaker: Evangelist Ella Coaster
Scripture Reference (Galatians 6:9)

1) Unbelief and doubt have crept into the church, and the saints have gotten lazy, and have allowed the devil to take over.
2) This is not the time to give up, and this is not the time to be quiet.
3) The saints are being robbed; they have the church on a time schedule; they don’t even want to have church like they used to.
4) If you are not going to pray; don’t believe.
5) All of us have some enemies and imps, and their job is to steal our faith.
6) There is a shift in the atmosphere!
7) While you are waiting on God, ml you must watch how you talk, you must watch your actions, you better watch who you are running with, you better watch how you serve, and you better watch how you live.
8) In your well doing, don’t get weary because help is on the way.
9) You must keep the Word in you at all times; if you don’t know but one Scripture, keep on quoting that Scripture, and hold on to it.
10) No matter how tough the race is, don’t get weary.
11) Whatever you have been asking God for, you have to see yourself with it. When you see yourself with it; it locks it in your mind; you have to get a mental picture of it. When you get a mental picture of something; you see it before you actually see it.
12) You have to know who you are in Christ Jesus.
13) When people see us, they should see God, and even the promises of God because we are shaped in His image.
14) When you are shaped in God’s image, you may be broken, but God can still be seen in you.
15) Don’t get weary! Things may not come the way you think they may come, and God may not use the ones you think He may use.
16) We cannot compromise! We cannot allow anyone to taint our anointing. We must keep our standards high.
17) You cannot live any kind of way you want. Today, there are “closet sinners and public sinners.” You have to come out from among them, and be ye separated.
18) When there is sin in the camp, you cannot get blessed.
19) You cannot allow everyone to get close to your anointing, because when you get in the Royal Family, you cannot hook up with everybody.
20) We must get the natural man under subjection, and the only way to get it under subjection is through the Spirit.
21) It takes more than jumping and shouting and being saved, you need the Holy Ghost.

Be blessed, be encouraged, and have a great day.


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