God Is Revealing Enemies

It does not matter how much a person may smile in your face, you can be assured that God will reveal to you if a person is your enemy. God will not only reveal who your enemies are, but He will also show you the traps that the enemy will set for you, and then allow you to see them fall into that same trap. Sometimes your enemies can be the people who are the closest to you, and God is trying to show you, even at the beginning of the relationship who the person really is so you can be watchful and prayerful. That is why it pays to keep your mind, eyes and ears open at all times, as well as keep your heart guarded so that when God is speaking or revealing things, you won’t allow those things to consume you, and you will take Him at His word, no matter how much you may hurt by the things that He reveals.

Jeremiah 11:18 says “The Lord showed me that people were making plans against me. Because He showed me what they were doing, I knew they were against me.”

Be blessed, be encouraged, and have a great day.


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