You Will Have Help By Tomorrow

Notes from today’s message:
Scripture Reference (1 Samuel 11:1-11 and Leviticus 26:7-9)

1) You must understand how to fight.
2) Never engage in a battle before you are fully prepared.
3) The enemy wants to lure you into a fight.
4) Boot camp is never fun; it’s used to change your identity.
5) There is a season to fight.
6) Never engage alone.
7) The devil always shows up when everything is good.
8) You must understand the purpose and assignment of a spirit.
9) Everything that God brings you out of; don’t go back and get.
10) Snakes breed in hot climates; that is why the enemy wants to run you hot.
11) Snakes breed near water; when you get your word or prophecy.
12) Snakes breed in low places; when you become unstable, it is easy for the enemy to get in and hide in the cracks and crevices of the foundation of a person.
13) Snakes come in through dry places, and have a person not wanting to praise God.
14) Don’t allow the enemy to cause you to focus on the negative.
15) If people can get together, they can cause the enemy to back up.
16) You must deal with the spirit of a thing.
17) l may not be ready to fight, but l am not ready to give up.
18) The enemy tries to attack your expectation.
19) Not every season is a season of warfare; fighting should not be the norm.
20) When the enemy brings warfare; most of the time, people will retreat alone to themselves.
21) Most of what’s attacking you is beneath you.
22) “Subtle” means charming and alluring.
23) Never trust that which has not had the right to be earned.
24) Don’t be intimidated by possibilities and threats.
25) When it looks like all of your choices are over, find a praiser.

Be blessed, be encouraged, and have a great day.

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