Prophetic Manifestation

Notes from yesterday’s message:
Scripture Reference (John 5:1-9)

1) God knows what season you are in.
2) A season was never meant to be a lifestyle.
3) The purpose of the prophetic is to change your season.
4) Your season could always have been worse than what it is.
5) Why have pity, when you can have power.
6) You can be in the right place, and miss the timing of God.
7) When the anointing rushes in, everyone can receive it.
8) When you are not in place, you can miss your miracle. 
9) What has this season done for you?
10) This is a season where you cannot use people or your disability as an excuse.
11) You must learn to use your disability to your advantage.
12) Rise; abandon the status quo.
13) When you get your Word, everything changes.
14) Your faith activates the Word of God.
15) Every word that God has spoken in your life is about to come to pass.
16) Sometimes, we become frustrated after being faithful when others get blessed, and we don’t.
17) One word can change your season.
18) A word is designed to change a season.
19) Don’t let people make mockery over your productivity.
20) Halt means “to be stuck in the same place.”
21) Withered means “to waste away.”
22) When you are waiting, it is a sign that you have faith.
23) God is about to reward your wait.
24) Start moving one step at a time.

Be blessed, be encouraged, and have a great day.


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