Spirits Of Control

​Teacher/Speaker : Apostle John Eckhardt

1) Certain kinds of demons have to be cast out by fasting; such as witchcraft, pride, leviathan, poverty, lack, and perversion. 
2) Fasting causes humility. 
3) Witchcraft is a work of the flesh. (control, manipulation, and intimidation)
4) God does not call people to control others. 
5) Any person that comes out of a controlling church needs deliverance. 
6) A Godly Pastor should never control you; their purpose should be to release and activate you. They are supposed to point you in your destiny. They are not supposed to hold you or enslave you so that you can build their ministry up; they are supposed to impart into your life. 
7) Mind control is a spirit that looks like an octopus or squid. It had tentacles that wraps around a person’s mind, and it also controls the person’s thoughts.


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