The Gospel Of John

​On yesterday, I started a new Bible Class; “The Book of John.” I am very excited to be studying this book. As l take notes each week, l will be sharing by posting so that others may journey along with me in this course. John was a discipline of Jesus, and we as believers are also Jesus’ disciples. I pray that as l grow, mature, and become wiser in my study through “The Book of John”, and you read the notes l will be sharing, that God will minister to you, as well so that you too may also continue to grow, mature, and become wiser in your walk with God. May you be blessed. ~Carla~

Lesson: The Gospel of John

1) The Message (The Bible)

2) The Messenger (John)

3) The Messiah (Jesus)

Scripture References: John 1:1-18

Principle #1) Life begins when a person’s identity and purpose is defined by God’s story. 

Principle #2) Life is found in and through Jesus. 

Principle #3) Jesus laid down His life so that people could have life. 

1) In the Book of John, the Word is made flesh. 

2) In an effort to control things, people will lose control. 

3) With Jesus, people will get delivered from themselves. 

4) The Bible is not like an encyclopedia; everything in the Bible is dependent upon a whole part. 

5) People should allow the Word of God to get to their issues and problems. 

6) There is no life apart from Christ. 

7) Jesus came to earth to serve; not to be served. 

8) Jesus is known as “a suffering servant.”

9) In the Book of John; John pulls back the curtain to share Jesus’ innermost thoughts and emotions of God. 

10) Gospel means “good news.” The gospel is the life-changing power of God that brings salvation and eternal life to all who believe. 

11) John emphasized the relationship of Jesus to His Father, God.

12) It was not pride, but humility that caused John to call himself “the one Jesus loved.”

13) John drew his wisdom from Jesus. 

14) Jesus honored John by entrusting His mother into John’s care while He was on the cross dying. 

15) The Holy Spirit prepared John for a ministry that taught him how to communicate the truth of God to the world. 

16) The aim of John was to write so that people may believe that Jesus was the Messiah, the Son of God, and that people would believe, and have life in Jesus’ name. 

17) The three keywords in the Book of John are signs, believe, and life. 

        a) Signs – the miracles that are included in the Gospel. 

        b) Believe – signs to help readers believe in Jesus. 

        c) Life – to believe in Christ is to receive God’s gift of eternal life. 

18) Eternal life comes only through personal belief in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, whom the signs reveal. 

19) Signs will cause a person’s faith to grow. 

20) After one encounter with Jesus, a person can believe and can immediately bring other people to believe. 

21) To refuse to believe in Jesus is “to die in your sins”, but to follow Jesus is “to never walk in darkness.”

22) In the midst of darkness, challenges and conflict, a person’s faith can shine so bright that it will cause other people to start following Jesus. 

23) Even though some people study the Scriptures and testify about Jesus to others, there will still be some people who will refuse to come to Jesus. 

24) When studying the Book of John, it will cause some people to come to Jesus for the first time; some will become more intimate with Jesus, and some people will gain a fresh insight and deeper revelation about Jesus. 

25) The first 20 chapters of John present the truth about Jesus that leads to faith. 

26) John was formerly a fisherman, and Jesus showed John how greatly he would be used to “fish for people.”

27) It is a person’s responsibility to believe and receive Jesus for themselves by committing, not only to a set of facts, but to Jesus who is true and real, and very much alive in the hearts of a person. Jesus will never force Himself on anyone. 

28) To choose not to believe always leads away from light and life, which come only from Jesus Christ. 

29) Intimacy with the Lord grows by responding to Him, and allowing Him to respond to you every time Jesus calls and draws you to Him.


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  1. blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } Thanks. I miss class because of work. Your writing are a blessing. Please Don’t stop

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    • Hey Stephanie, l didn’t know if you had made it or not because l didn’t see you yesterday. I will try to post notes each week. I hope this will help you out, in doing the homework assignments. You can download those, and print them out, or if you need me to pick up your homework on the days you miss, let me know and l will get them for you.


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