They Could Have Lied

​​Teacher/Speaker : Dr. Johnasen Pack

1) God does not have to use anyone, but God has a way of using a person, and then blessing them. 

2) There is so much sibling rivalry in the Body of Christ. 

3) There are so many people that think they know so much about others, but what if the people who told you the dirt or the rumor on these people were actually lying? 

4) Because of one person’s influence, it will cause another person to take sides with the person who is the one doing the influencing. 

5) The influencing person will make a person out to be an enemy when the person is really not; they are just injured. 

6) There are a lot of Pastors/Leaders who have lied about people they are really jealous of. 

7) Some Pastors/Leaders will tell other Pastors/Leaders and people to stay away from a person that they have injured, and then it becomes a battle for the person who believes the lie. 

8) The people who the Pastor/Leader is calling an enemy will not even be guilty of the things they are being accused of most of the time. 

9) The fallen has to be restored. Even if a person has made mistakes, others should not go off of hearsay; they should go off of revelation.

10) When a Pastor/Leader falls, and lies about how they fell, some of those Pastors/Leaders want other people to fight for them, but the people they are wanting you to fight are some of the same people they have infected and influenced.

11) Some Pastors/Leaders will misuse their power because a person will not allow the Pastor/Leader to control them, so the Pastor/Leader will make up a lie to keep other people from using the person; such as to preach, pray, sing, etc. (to stop the person’s gift from flowing.)

12) Some Pastors/Leaders will try to punk you, strong arm you or try to put you in a corner as if you have no voice, and God’s Hand is not on you because they have a problem with you; they try to make you feel as if God is against you. 

13) God is fighting on behalf of those who have been loyal, submitted,  misused and abused.

14) Many people are not quitters; they don’t give up easy, and they are not devisive; they are just tired of being pimped and misused. 

15) Some Pastors/Leaders are damning people to hell for things they didn’t do.

16) You can’t judge a person’s decisions until you have considered the person’s options. 

17) Some people spread lies because of what they hear, and never see. The Bible says “This is an abomination; hands that shed innocent blood.”

18) God is “God of not only the flourishing; but the fallen.”

19) Pastors/Leaders are killing people that God is trying to give another chance, and these same Pastors/Leaders have fell themselves. 

20) What if the person you have been loyal to was a liar? 

21) Some of the spiritual fathers and mothers turn people away from innocent people because they are trying to be “the head person in charge.” The “blood” is going to be on the father and mother’s hand. 

22) Many people are calling people guilty when it was a lie; the whole story is not told. People will share half the story, and this does nothing but hurts and destroys.

23) Many people want to quit the church because of hurt; God says “You can’t quit because you didn’t hire yourself, He did.”

24) Choose not to be wounded. Be a part of the solution, and not the problem. 

25) Be relational, and stop holding people’s past over their head.

26) Master manipulators will turn people against you that were really for you. 

27) Many people are turning people against others to shut doors on that person. 

28) If domination, manipulation and intimidation are functioning in the same person, that’s a sign of the Anti-Christ.


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