The Prologue

Here are notes from today’s class in “The Book of John.”

1) Jesus Revealed by God (John 1:1-5)

2) Jesus Rejected by Majority (John 1:6-11)

3) Jesus Received by Minority (John 1:12-18)

Principle #1) Jesus is the eternal Word of God who created all things.

Principle #2) God’s purpose for people is eternal intimacy with Him.                            

Principle #3) Jesus became a man so we can know God. 

1) The Word is a divine reason. 

2) There has never been a time when Jesus was not in existence. 

3) There is only one God, but He exists in three persons; God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. 

4) God was not created; He is Creator, the source of all things. 

5) May the wisdom of God’s Word penetrate deep in our hearts. 

6) Darkness describes what happens in a person’s heart when a person does not know God. 

7) Jesus is the light of the world; people need this light in order to make their hearts right. 

8) Light exposes everything in the dark. 

9) Some people are ethical, but spiritually dead. 

10) There is a difference between being ethical and spiritually alive in Christ. 

11) A dead person does not know that they are dead. 

12) God can speak in the deadest of hearts. 

13) When a person comes into contact with God, they should do life different than they did before they encountered Him.

14) Jesus became a man in flesh so that people could know God. 

15) Jesus was uncovered on the cross to cover people. 

16) God can breathe life in every dead situation.

17) Most people are dying, and trying to maintain an image.

18) Salvation cannot be earned by God; we cannot impress Him.

19) Jesus came to earth to experience the things that people experience, and to show that He could overcome those things, so that people can know they can also overcome. 

20) Grace is displayed all over the Bible. 

21) The first 18 verses of John are usually called the prologue. 

22) God’s word is revealed as active and effective. 

23) Jesus cannot be a person’s Savior unless the person also recognizes and confesses Him as Lord.

24) All the Father’s attributes are also attributes of the Son. 

25) The deeds and words of Jesus are the deeds and words of God. 

26) In the Bible, the word “life” does not refer solely to physical life but also to moral, intellectual and eternal life. 

27) In the Book of John, the word “life” is spoken at least 36 times. Eleven times, the word “life” refers to eternal life. 

28) True life from God is always associated with the light that shines from God’s righteousness.

29) Everything that is not true righteousness is death. 

30) Not recognizing Jesus by His words and works implies conscious rebellion or unconscious repression of truth. 

31) To refuse to make time to read God’s word, to pray to Him, to serve Him, or to be involved with other believers is to reject God. 

32) The words “saved, born again and eternal life” all describe one reality; new life in Christ. 


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