Barren No More

Notes from My Sister’s Keeper Women’s Conference

Title: Barren No More

Scripture References: 1 Samuel 1:19-28

Speaker: Prophetess Barbara Calloway


1) This is the hour for women to be used by God.

2) At one time women could not teach; only reach. 

3) God uses a person according to His order. 

4) God does not want a woman to be dominant in spirit.

5) If a woman does not need a man, who does her heart belong to?

6) A woman needs a man to cover them. 

7) There is an order to God. 

8) Every woman needs a Pastor that can see for them. 

9) There is a judgment coming that people will not be able to escape unless women get on their knees. 

10) The day for being cute while being broken and dysfunction is over. 

11) What do you do when God has orchestrated your season of barrenness?

12) There is a time when God will say “sit”.

13) When a woman is barren, she will not know how to function. 

14) Stop blaming people for not being the answer. 

15) Watch out for people that cannot satisfy you, but can only pacify you.

16) There are some people who are sent on an assignment to aggravate you. 

17) It is not what is in you, but what is on you. 

18) Never judge a person by the way they look; see them in the Spirit. 

19) People need to be called out of carnality.

20) So many women are barren due to lack of relationship. 

21) God has a purpose for your pain. 

22) Some people are ok being barren because that is where they get attention. 

23) Put God in remembrance of His word.

24) Prayer is the thing that causes your praise to work. 

25) Some things are not a move of God, but a move of emotions. 

26) It is not about what you put on, but why. 

27) To end a season of barrenness, you must cry and establish a covenant. 

28) God will give you a remedy, but He will not force you. 

29) God says “come closer.”

30) We are in a time of unscheduled moves of God.


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