Break The Box And Release The Oil

​Notes from My Sister’s Keeper Women’s Conference

Scripture References: Matthew 26:6-13

Speaker: Evangelist Lillian Thomas


1) The oil of God has been diminished.

2) God has a set time to release the oil.

3) The oil of God has been tampered with.

4) The oil of God has been diminished because people are comparing one oil to another.

5) Some people have diluted the oil and mixed it with water. 6) Everyone cannot release the oil in your life. 

7) God is getting ready to give you fresh oil for your future. 

8) Everyone cannot be trusted with your oil.

9) Some people are using fake oil.

10) Some people are selling their oil for cheap by exploiting their gifts. 

11) Fake oil cannot produce anything. 

12) You can be healed with real oil.

13) Oil has a value; it heals from the inside to the out.

14) Stop letting people release oil in your life that has been contained. Real oil cannot be contained. 

15) Most of the people who are selling their oil will tell you that your oil is a waste. 

16) There is a timing to everything; the purpose, the preparation, the process, the appointed, the present and the set time.

17) Kairos Time is the time when heaven agrees with your moment; when God releases.  

18) Timing of purpose means there is a timing of season to everything under heaven. Everything that happens has a purpose. 

19) Timing of preparation means to be ready at all times. 

20) Timing of process means over the course of time when God is working for you. Some things God has to do in the process of time. 

21) The appointed time means when God will have you to produce; the timing of life. 

22) Present time means the proper time for God to work. 

23) The set time means when God will show up for you.

24) Pure oil can only be released by God. 

25) Generic oil does not have an assignment. 

26) Give your best of every moment because timing is precious. 

27) Oil does not mix with everything. 

28) There are only three things that will mix with oil, and bring manifestation, and they are olives, incense, and salt. 

29) Salt is a sign that the covenant is sealed. 

30) When people become “salt of the earth”, that is the time that God can use them. 

31) A person who has the oil can make things happen. 

32) Real oil is priceless; it is intercession. 

33) Do not let your oil go out misunderstood by misrepresentation of it. 

34) Break the box so the oil can be released. 

35) Be willing to show up in the place where others do not want to go. 

36) Rise up and use the oil to destroy every yoke.

37) The oil must be used for its original intent. 

38) The oil that you carry is more precious than your present life.

39) Will you be willing and desperate enough to break the box, and release the oil?


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