Lessons For Leaders

Teacher: Bishop Joseph Walker


1) There is a specific anointing for leaders. 

2) Leadership is about influence. 

3) If you are leading, someone must be following you. 

4) If you are a leader, and no one is following you; you are only taking a walk. 

5) Leadership is about delegation and collaboration. 

6) You cannot be a solo leader. 

7) Leaders must pull in others to make their vision come to pass. 

8) Leadership is often a lonely endeavor. 

9) The higher a leader goes, there will be less people that will go with them. 

10) As a leader, you cannot suffer from low self-esteem; a leader must know who they are. 

11) No one can give a person a title just so that a person will know who they are. 

12) Every leader must know how to serve other leaders. 

13) Never get to the place where you cannot serve. 

14) A leader should never hate on other leaders. 

15) If you are a leader, you should support and celebrate others because what God does in the life of others has nothing to do with you. 

16) Celebrate, and not hate! 

17) A leader must lead with integrity by not manipulating people. 

18) A leader must do things so that only God can get the glory, and so that other people can be blessed, and not because they have a self seeking agenda. 

19) A leader’s heart must be in the right place and the things they do must be for the right purpose. 

20) A leader should never try to make a name for themself. 

21) A leader must be consistent. 

22) Inconsistency can cause a person’s integrity to be questioned. 

23) A leader must operate in the spirit of excellence, and must do things decent and in order. 


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