A Message Of Honor

Speaker: Bishop Liston Page
Scripture References: Matthew 18:15, Mark 6:1-2 & Hebrews 12:5


1) There is no way anything can be determined legitimate until it has been tested.

2) Sin means “to miss the mark.”

3) When there is a breach in a relationship because of offense, there is responsibility between both parties that must take place. 

4) You cannot influence what you do not honor. 

5) Every time you try to do things that are familiar to people that are unfamiliar with you, they will have a problem. 

6) Some people always want to bring up what they think they know about you. 

7) God will place people in your life that other people cannot stand. 

8) Stop letting people who do not know your prophetic destiny select your friends for you. 

9) You should not let outside voices dictate who you should be connected to. 

10) If God connects you to a person, do not concern yourself with what others may say.

11) Just as you cannot select your human parents, you also cannot select your spiritual parents. 

12) You should want someone to challenge you intellectually. 

13) Anytime a person can sit up in church with a callous spirit and not get convicted, that is a demon.

14) Anytime the Spirit convicts a person when they are wrong, and they know they are wrong, then something is wrong.

15) Why do people go to church, and they feel as if the only thing they are going to hear is a message that is going to make them feel good? 

16) A person who says they are your friend, and will not tell you the truth is not really your friend because they will tell you the truth whether you like, it or not. 

17) A mother cannot raise a boy to be a man. It takes a man to raise a son to become a man. Women cannot teach boys how to be men. 

18) Preparation must take place in your life before things are entrusted to you. 

19) Maturity does not come overnight; it takes time. There are some things that a person must do before they are trusted with a title or a position. The person must be poured into.

20) How can a person be a model for others to follow when there is so much instability in their life?

21) Holiness has nothing to do with a dress code. 

22) When people do not receive you, shake them off. 

23) God has sent certain people in your life, and they did not receive you; God holds those individuals accountable for rejecting you. 

24) One of the reasons you cannot hang with just anyone is because of influence. 

25) The enemy uses what he can to cripple your influence. 

26) You cannot help anyone once your voice has been compromised; no one will want to hear what you have to say. 

27) Influence is all you have. Once your influence is gone, your voice is muted. 

28) Learn how to ignore people that are not connected, and get with people who are connected.


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