Praise In Perspective

Speaker: Apostle Johnasen Pack

Scripture Reference: 2 Chronicles 20:15


1) What we call church now does not look like church, at all. 

2) There are so many people that are critical with no expertise. 

3) There is so much stuff going on in the church. Deliverance is very low because the people who have showed up at the hospital with their mind set have refused to take their medicine. 

4) Altar call is not the moment to prove that people are magicians. 

5) Everything that God has for me; l want it. 

6) How is it that a person’s praise can be cuter, but the content of the praise be absent, and have no power? 

7) If you were to praise God right now, can the person next to you feel it?

8) If you were to praise God right now, would it bother the person next to you? 

9) If you were to praise God right now, and someone was sitting next to you drunk, would they become sober?

10) Gifts attract people to you, but the anointing repels people from you. 

11) When you are gifted, people will call you but when you are anointed, people will be intimidated by you. 

12) What most people call anointing is not the anointing, it is charisma. 

13) What most people call anointing is just energetic manipulation. 

14) Most people want the word and no responsibility. 

15) Most people want the prize and no presence. 

16) People are either going to love you or hate you; there is no in between. 

17) Some people are bound because the people they are called to, do not even like them and they are trying to get approval from people that do not even matter.

18) When God connects you to a person, it is not just for you to receive, it is also for you to give. 

19) When you are connected to a real anointed man or woman of God, you will go through but it is not for you to get the reward for your go-through; it is to make sure that the word over their life comes to pass. 

20) l do not want to stand in the way of my future and my harvest; l do not want to hinder it at all. 

21) God is calling people that want what God has for them. 

22) When you are around someone who is anointed, that is one thing but when you are around someone who is popular, that is another thing. It will cost you when you are around someone who is anointed. 

23) When a person has a title beyond who they are, others will not know what to do with them. 

24) Some people will try to butcher your name by attacking your influence by trying to keep God from taking you from where you need to go.

25) When you are connected to an authentic anointing, you will go through, not because of you but because of what is on the other person you are connected to. 

26) Sometimes, God has placed something on the inside of you that you are supposed to release that others cannot.

27) If you disrespect a person publicly, you have to fix it publicly. 

28) Just because you obey God doesn’t mean that everything is going to work out the way that you want it to. 

29) The closer you get to your purpose, God will sometimes allow everything to start falling apart in your life. 

30) When you are in covenant with a person, you will feel what they feel. 

31) There are some places that God does not want a person to go, so He will allow a turn to come in the person’s life so they will not fall asleep unconsciously.


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