Don’t Miss The Favor Of God

​No one should ever allow anything or anyone to ever come between their relationship and God because it could block, hinder or stop the favor of God on their life. Favor is better than money. Favor can do things for a person that other things and people cannot do. Favor can open doors. Favor can connect a person with the right people, and it can also do the things that money cannot do. No matter how much money a person may have, they should never lose sight of God. Whenever a person gets into trouble, God has a way of letting a person know that sometimes only He can do what their money cannot do to get the person out of trouble, so that the person must call on Him, and not be able to depend upon their money to bail themself out.

Job 36:18-19 says “Be careful! Don’t be led away from God by riches; don’t let much money turn you away. Neither your wealth nor all your great strength will keep you out of trouble.” (NCV)

Be blessed, be encouraged, and have a great day. 



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