Jesus Turns Water To Wine And Clears The Temple

​Here are notes from last week’s class in “The Book of John.”


1) Jesus Turns Water Into Wine (John 2:1-12)

2) Jesus Cleanses The Temple (John 2:13-25)

Principle #1) Believers grow in Christ by knowing Him and not just about Him.
Principle #2) Believers grow in Christ by yielding to His authority. 


1)  Jesus is the only one who has the power to transform and the power to clean. 

2) Each time Jesus says “My hour has not come”, He is referring to His death on the cross. 

3) Obedience equals blessings. 

4) God can use natural parenting to grow a person up.

5) When God does something, the key is not to believe in how God does it, but to believe that He did it.

6) Jesus has the power to change anything, and that includes a person. 

7) Why worry about things you have no control over? 

8) God is the boss; He never leaves His throne. 

9) Our behavior needs to line up with God’s word. 

10) The House of God should never be used for the purpose of selfish gain. 

11) Jesus is indestructible. 

12) A person that tries to control will have the life sucked out of them. 

13) Belief in Jesus brings new life and joy.

14) God gives promises to those who are born again. 

15) Biblical truths provide building blocks in the mind and heart as a lifetime foundation for faith. 

16) What may be truth for one person is not necessarily truth for another. 

17) Scripture alone is the sole authority for life. No other person, organization, or document has a greater authority than God’s word. 

18) We are saved by Jesus Christ alone. We cannot save ourselves. There is no spirit guide, method or any religious leader who can save us. Jesus is not one god among many. 

19) We receive Christ by faith alone. There is no work we can do to earn our way to heaven. 

20) We are saved by God’s grace alone. We do not choose God; He chooses us by His grace. No personal pride or credit can be taken for salvation. God alone receive the credit and gratitude for the salvation of His children.

21) All of life is for God’s glory. Life is not about us; it is about God! We did not choose to be born, but we can choose how to spend our lives so God is glorified. 

22) True faith expects God to intervene. 

23) Real faith is always expressed in action.

24) Those who hope in God will never be put to shame.

25) After you present your problems to the Lord in prayer, you should listen for His command. Listening will reveal to how you are to obey God in faith. 

26) The path of obedience is the only way to move from a merely intellectual belief in Jesus to the actual experience of His strength at work in you. 

27) When people stubbornly refuse to respond to the light of God’s truth, God’s judgment is often blindness to more light. 

28) Transformation must include holiness, for God is holy. 

29) The true presence of God is not a building. The Lord Jesus Christ revealed Himself as the true temple.

30) There is now no need to worship God through sacrifices, for Jesus’ sacrifice is sufficient for all the sins of all His people for all time.

31) The true joy of the Lord cannot coexist with sin and unrepentance.


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