The Value Of A Woman

​Notes from the message on yesterday morning. 

Series: Family Values Check-Up 

Scripture Reference: Proverbs 31

Speaker: Bishop Sherman C. Gee Allen

1) You know whether you respect a thing because of what you say about it. 

2) It takes a man to know his place to respect a woman in her place. 

3) When a person knows who they are, they are not intimidated by the opinions of others. 

4) If a man will disrespect his mother, he will disrespect other women. 

5) Other people can teach you from their mistakes. 

6) Whenever people are out of place, things will go wrong. 

7) Some things, no one can fight for but you. 

8) Sometimes the enemy will use victory to distract you. 

9) Disrespect is born out of insecurity. 

10) A real man is always going to look at other women. 

11) It is ok for a man to look, but he must not forget who he is. 

12) One bad mistake can mess up a person’s life. 

13) The enemy will plant people in your life to send detours. 

14) Sometimes, God will let your mistake die in order to help you forget your past. 

15) Some people will try to have you killed when they are out of place. 

16) When there is an anointing on your life, God expects more from you.   

17) Position makes you more vulnerable to pollution and perversion. 

18) Some things you cannot afford to do because it will cause you to get out of control. 

19) You cannot handle greatness carelessly. 

20) When there is an anointing on your life, you cannot allow things of the flesh to pull you in. 

21) Your value is connected to your virtue. 

22) When you allow people to mishandle you, it decreases your value. 

23) Never allow anyone to pimp your anointing. 

24) If you do not know your worth, you will never know your value. 

25) Traits and characteristics of a godly woman:

a) She is trustworthy. 

b) She is not lazy. 

c) She is unselfish and generous. 

d) She is a business woman. 

e) She is strong in character. 

f) She is a planner, organizer; a person of order.

g) She adorns and beautifies herself. 

h) She respects authority. 

i) She is a worshipper.

j) She says what needs to be said without using profanity. 

k) She is honorable in her reputation.


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