Wrong Cannot Get Away

​There are some people who wake up doing wrong and who go to bed doing wrong. All throughout the day, they are seeking ways to try to get over on someone, trying to bring someone down, trying to destroy someone or simply looking for a way to get ahead, and will do whatever it takes to get what they want. When you see people like this, do not spend your time focusing on them, because then you will become distracted, and lose time. Even though they may think they will never get caught in the things they are doing, God is keeping up with their every move and when He says enough, He will not allow them to go any farther and He will put a stop to all of their wrongdoing. They will then know that God is in control. 

Psalms 10:6, 7 and 11 says “They think, “Nothing bad will ever happen to us! We will be free of trouble forever!” Their mouths are full of cursing, lies, and threats. Trouble and evil are on the tips of their tongues. The wicked think, “God isn’t watching us! He has closed His eyes and won’t even see what we do!” (NLT)

Be blessed, be encouraged, and have a great day. 



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