God Loves Celebraters; Not Haters

​How very sad but very true it is in life you may encounter people who may not like you for no reason, at all. The reason behind the person’s dislike could be because of jealousy or envy of something you have, your anointing, your character, your outer beauty, sometimes because a person may desire to be the person you are, and sometimes simply for no reason, at all. When a person dislikes or hates others, the problem is not with the other person; the individual who dislikes or hates is really insecure and has a problem with themself that they have not dealt with. People who dislike and hate others are just right for God to deal with, if they do not deal with themselves regarding the issues they seem to have with others.

Psalm 35:19 says “Do not let my enemies laugh at me; they hate me for no reason. Do not let them make fun of me; they have no cause to hate me.” (NCV)

Be blessed, be encouraged and have a great day.



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