Wisdom In Words

​People who operate in wisdom will not just allow anything to come out of their mouth. They will try to take the time to think before speaking so the words spoken can be the wisest choice of words. Even if they find themselves saying the wrong thing, they will not waste time in making the necessary correction. When conversating with others, and the other party may say something that is negative, unwise, wrong or maybe mistakenly have said something that should not have been said; the thing is not to agree with the person to make them feel good, but to present to the person another way to view or look at things in regards to the situation in a wise and positive manner, and then leave the choice open to the person for them to decide what is best.

Psalm 37:30 says “The mouths of those who do what is right speak words of wisdom. They say what is honest.” (NIRV)

Be blessed, be encouraged

and have a great day.



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