Notes  from last night’s message

Date: January 8, 2017 (7 p.m.)

Speaker: Bishop Sherman C. Gee Allen

Scripture References: Isaiah 58:6-7

1) The Word is settled; it is not for debate.
2) It does not matter how the devil may fight; if he is in a person, he has to come out.
3) You cannot do a fast without preparation.
4) You do not fast haphazardly.
5) God has to choose the fast.
6) “I am a spirit; l have a soul and l live in a body.”
7) Soul is “your mind, will and emotions.”
8) When God gets ready to set a person free, sometimes someone has to fast on the person’s behalf.
9) The devil will make you act unseemly.
10) Sometimes, the enemy will try to use guilt against you.
11) The enemy will try to manipulate your emotions.
12) If you play with unclean things, you will be drawn to them.
13) Most people who dabble in witchcraft usually dabble in sexual perversion.
14) Heavy burdens are not of God.
15) Whenever God instructs you to do something, it will not produce a spirit of heaviness.
16) Whenever a demon takes over a person’s soul, it goes through stages; depression, oppression and possession. All of this occurs because the person has opened themself up to something.
17) You must make your mind to obey God.
18) Fasting brings spiritual deliverance.
19) Fasting will make you mission-minded.
20) Fasting will make you conscious of the needs of others.
21) Fasting causes your light to break forth.
22) Fasting brings about healing.
23) There are 4 levels of glory, and they are:

a) Doxa – which means “God has the last word”
b) Kreos – which means “For the sake of His name” (not because you deserve it)
c) Shekinah – which means “the place where God hides you”
d) Cabod – which means “wealth, splendor, magnificent and weight of God”

24) The favor of God is not for you; it is for God to get glory.
25) You cannot live in the glory all of the time.
26) You cannot be in the Shekinah Glory hidden in pride and ego.


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