God, Give Me Another Chance

​Notes from yesterday’s message

Date: January 8, 2017

Speaker: Bishop Sherman C. Gee Allen

Scripture References: Luke 13:1-9


1) We have a tendency to look at people and think just because they are going through, those individuals have done something wrong. 

2) Most people do not produce what they should.

3) When we are unproductive and unfruitful, God has the right to cut us down, but He does not.

4) We cannot afford to take what God gives us for granted.

5) Allow God to dig around your life to make you uncomfortable so He can get you to the place He want you to be.

6) Most people deserve punishment for their unproductivity.

7) The purpose of pruning is to make you more productive. 

8) The beginning of the year is always a time for reflection. 

9) People normally go from year-to-year making promises they do not keep.

10) Most people in the Body of Christ are 3 years behind.

11) Most people are surrounded by other people who do not know or understand what God is doing in their life.

12) This year, do not allow yourself to compromise nor allow compromise to attach itself to your life.

13) The enemy will assign people to your life to be a weight.

14) Some people will hinder you to keep you from going up.

15) When you are caught up in your emotions, you will not be able to properly discern. 

16) A divine moment is designed to take you to the right place at the right time.

17) Do not let people to judge what you go through and make you think that God is punishing you.

18) Pruning is “when God starts cutting people and things away from your life.”

19) Some things are not punishment; it is pruning.

20) When people are out of season, it will show.

21) Some people will try to pull you back into old seasons just to keep you from going into the new ones.

22) When you belong to God, you do not get to choose.

23) No one can curse you, but God.

24) Just because you cannot see something does not mean it is not there.


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