Notes from tonight’s Bible StudyDate: January 11, 2017Title: Understanding the Flow of the          Anointing (Part 2) Teacher: Bishop Sherman C. Gee                AllenScripture References: Jeremiah 1:4-5 and Romans 8:28-30Notes1) The anointing stops the noise.2) God does not necessarily say a     whole lot.3) Noise makes a distraction, and the     enemy sends people to distract.4) The anointing comes to make the     assigned task be performed with     ease.5) When the anointing lifts off of a     person, the individual will not be     able to flow.6) Whenever people get comfortable,     they will get in their flesh.7) If you do not know your purpose,     you cannot flow in the anointing. 8) Purpose does not change, but     people do.9) The Word has to find you where     you are.10) Your purpose is not your       ambition. 11) God did not create the purpose       for the person; He created the       person to achieve the desired       purpose. 12) God knows the end before the       beginning. 13) Purpose = Prosthesis 14) Some people are trying to take a       spiritual journey on a       cheapticket.com15) You do not really get anointed for       purpose until you stop looking       and acting like yourself. 16) Conform means “to squeeze        within a form.”17) When God gets ready to anoint       you, He will put you in a tight       place. 18) You cannot be anointed without       going through the process; there       are no shortcuts. 19) The anointing is costly.20) There is a cost for the oil.21) People can force you into a       position and make you forfeit       your purpose. 22) You must train your spirit to hear       and know God’s voice.


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