Jesus, The Good Shepherd 

​Here are notes from this week’s class in “The Book of John.”

Date: January 11, 2017
Lesson: Jesus, The Good Shepherd 
Scripture Reference: John 10


1) The Gate (John 10:1-10)

2) The Good Shepherd (John


3) The Son of God (John 10:22-42)

Principle #1) Rest and security are found in being fully known and loved by Jesus Christ. 
Principle #2) Rest and security are found in trusting the One who voluntarily died for you.
Principle #3) Rest and security are found in boasting in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. 



1) We will only find safety and security in Jesus.

2) It is a matter of a person’s heart which makes them really want to understand the things of God. 

3) Without a shepherd (God), things in a person’s life are helpless and hopeless. 

4) Only God (the Good Shepherd) knows how and where to lead us in the right way.

5) Name means “knowing the full meaning of a person’s character; fully known.”

6) God the Father and God the Son share profound love and intimacy.

7) Jesus is “a gate” that keeps the wolves out, and away from His sheep.

8) Because Jesus died for you, He deserves your trust.

9) Jesus will never leave you when danger comes.

10) Eternal life begins as soon as a person receives and believes. 

11) What is your response when a person wants to throw stones at you because of Jesus Christ? Will you pick up a stone, and throw one back? Will you back down or will you continue to speak truth?


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