Deliverance Through The Plagues 

Notes from this evening’s message (7:00 p.m.)

January 29, 2017

Deliverance Through The Plagues

Speaker: Co-Pastor Otonya Eskridge Allen

Scripture References:
Exodus 10:21-23


1) We, the people will be ok.

2) The art of Bible teaching has been lost.

3) It is up to God to back your word up; it is not for you to back up the words of God. 

4) You have to be someone bad to walk up in the enemy’s camp, and tell them to let you pray for them.

5) The enemy cannot duplicate the power of God.

6) There is coming a time in the land where God is making a difference between Holy and unholy. 

7) If disease hits everything all around our dwelling place, it shall not hit us.

8) God’s people will not have to suffer because of the decisions of someone else.

9) When God is fighting for you; if He has to, He will even allow nature to fight on your behalf.

10) There is no one outside of the reach of God because God has all power. 

11) God is interested in us teaching His ways to our children so He may be glorified throughout all of our generations. 

12) God works in a circle, whereas the devil works in cycles.

13) Even when God shows signs and wonders in your life, others may want to act unimpressed but they still must acknowledge that it is God.

14) We are under divine protection because we are under the Blood.

15) When you are under the Blood; death, curses and disease have to pass over.


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