Encouragement for January 31, 2017

“A word of wisdom a day keeps distractions and foolishness away.”

God hears the cries of His children each and every time when they cry out to Him. They never have to fear anyone nor anything at anytime because He will keep His children protected from all hurt, harm and danger at all times. Even though God may sit high, He yet looks low and has a way of seeing everything and everyone. Nothing and no one can get by God, not even the things that people try to do in plotting, scheming and causing harm against others. There is a place in God in which He will keep His children hidden in Him where even their enemies cannot find them in which to bring harm upon them.

Psalms 61:1-3 says “God, hear my cry for help. Listen to my prayer. From a place far away I call out to you. I call out as my heart gets weaker. Lead me to the safety of a rock that is high above me.  You have always kept me safe from my enemies. You are like a strong tower to me.” (NIRV)

Be blessed, be encouraged

and have a great day.



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