Prophetic Summit Highlights 

Date: February 7, 2017

Speaker: Dr. Todd Hall

Scripture References: Luke 17:11-19


1) Because you are anointed does not mean that you are covered.

2) To be saved, you must be washed in the Blood of the Lamb.

3) Your purpose is “to lift Him.”

4) When you die, Christ raises up.

5) There is a real word from the Word.

6) People are worrying about their ministry expanding instead of God expanding them.

7) You can prepare for a door; not a table.

8) When you go to a table, it is about communing.

9) Wealth is an acquired taste.

10) We get revelations because we go through situations. 

11) The scent of a mistake that is still fresh is called “hypocrisy.”

12) Some people are dressed well, but underneath have spots.

13) The church will judge you before they know you by the company you keep. 

14) God never has amnesia. 

15) God does not forget; He forgives.

16) God is going to take you farther than your mistakes. 

17) Some people are great pictures, but are under developed. 

18) Some people are in a dark place, and do not know why. 

19) God does not protect positives; He protects negatives.

20) Success does not lose.

21) Silence is a disease; God deserves your praise.

22) If you cannot get close to God, make sure your voice can because sound travels.

23) The devil’s job is to infect all of the people in the church until the church is completely torn down.

24) Cleanse means “to remove physical stains and dirt.”

25) Because something is off of you does not mean it is out of you.

26) Do not give your problem your last conversation; give your last conversation to God.


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